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Forum Rules

PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2002 9:28 pm
by MRM
How do you become a member?

First, you have to register. Here is the step-by-step process:

- Click on 'Register' (in the top menu).
- Click the 'I Agree with these terms' link.
- Fill in the registration form.
- Enter a username (be creative!).
- Provide a valid email address. Your email address will not be used for any other purposes than sending important messages from ECC Staff.
- Choose a password.
- Select your country's flag. (Required) So other members can see where you come from.
- Select your gender (male or female). (Required)
- Choose or provide an avatar. (Required for promotion) To put more character in your posting.
- You can provide other details about yourself: occupation, interests and location.

What are the levels of access?

On ECC Forum, there are 4 membership levels:

1. New Member
Requirements: Valid email to activate your account (self-activation).
Gives Access to: The Discussions sections, the Erotic Stories, the Translation Center.

2. Bronze Member
Requirements: You must have at least 30 posts and one week as forum member to be eligible for promotion.
Gives Additional Access to: Bronze sections.

3. Silver Member
Requirements: Bronze member and you must have at least 150 quality posts plus 2 months as forum member to be eligible for promotion.
Gives Additional Access to: Silver sections.

4. Gold Member
Requirements: Silver member and you must have at least 300 quality posts plus 6 months as forum member to be eligible for promotion.
Gives Additional Access to: Gold sections and a permanent membership, you cannot be demoted due to inactivity.

Promotional Procedure: You will be nominated by your Group Leader and must have earned a vote of confidence to the majority of all moderators. The basis of votes will be the quality of your posts and most important is your attitude towards the community.

FYI: post count is DISABLED in Games & Games section of the forum.

What is the official language of the forum?
ENGLISH is the official language & the only one allowed here.

What is FORBIDDEN/NOT ALLOWED in the forum?
Child Pornography!
Backdoors and password sites. (this includes AVS, pay sites , etc.)
No LIVE link. Anonymous link system were implemented to hasten user's link posting.
Commercial and Warez link.
Bandwidth stealing or hotlinking.
Using of offline browser such us teleport, webcopier, etc...
sharing of comix links, topics and messages from ECC to other site and vice-versa. (unless with permission from the poster)
posting of links, comix or artwork from the following artists:
Xavier Duvet, Bex, Christina Fabris, Digital Factory, Dmitrys, Doc, Giuseppe Manunta, Green Griffin, Jacobsen, Lustomic, Mickey Lange, Nicky, Pes & Lupo, Juan José RyP, Sarath, Venturi.

What is inactive members?
Existing member who did not post in the last 60 days.

What is a lukewarm member?
Members who visit and post once in awhile.

What happens to inactive or lukewarm members?
Existing members will be demoted.

Can I informed the community and staff of my extended vacation/absence to freeze my account?
You MUST as a good community member. You have to post your reason in Member's Announcements section.

What is expected of me inside the forum?
We expect you to be polite to fellow members. Please be considerate of their feelings and opinions. Everyone has a right to their views and this forum is interested in all of them. You don't have to agree with them of course. This is an adult site, we expect you to act and talk as an adult. (a silly adult maybe) :)

Can I have a custom title?
Yes but it's 200 post activated. You need that 200 post.

Where can I find help in using the system?
Our FAQ is a useful guide about the forum system itself. You can find it in the top menu.

How can I share my comix & links?

New Member:
You have to wait until you have reached Bronze level.

Bronze Member:
You can share your links in the appropriate Link Section of the Forum. Please indicate if it's your site or a web find. Short comix (of less than 15 pages) can be uploaded to the Short Comix Section.

Why put a hold on posting comix other than short & paneled? Most likely you will find all those comix in Silver & Gold section. Bronze section is like a training camp for posting comix & the likes so that you're ready when you move up to The Real McCoy & of course to test your patience.

Silver & Gold Member:
You can share in an appropriate Forum Section & we urge you to do so.